Friday Discussion: What makes a recipe 'Sunday Supper' worthy?

Last Friday we talked about what 'kid friendly' means. Now it's time to take a 180 degree turn and talk about the other side of cooking: make meals for special occasions.

In addition to including lots of 'kid friendly' recipes in the new version of Chicory (which is coming out soon!) we're also including a lot of fancy meals - dishes that you probably wouldn't make on a Wednesday night when you've just gotten back from work or picked up the kids from soccer practice.

We're having a hard time determining how to categorize meals that are fit for special situations, like when you get a chance to make dinner for your boss (kinda scary), or when the in laws are due for a visit, or if you have a weekly, fancy meal on Sunday.


What makes a recipe 'Sunday Supper' worthy?

Here are a few recipes we think make the cut. Did we do a good job? Are these fancy meals?

What makes a recipe 'Sunday Supper' worthy?