Chicory: More Than a Meal Kit

There are these new fangled businesses sprouting up all over the United States right now called meal kits. They each offer about 10 recipes per week on their site for delivery. They send all the ingredients, already measured out, in order to help you create 'top chef' quality meals.  Each meal costs about $10 per serving so, if you have a family of 4, a 'meal kit' dinner would cost you around $40.

Chicory is not a meal kit. Chicory does not sell meal kits.

Chicory is a grocery shopping tool to help you, the modern home cook, do what you already do faster and with less stress: find amazing meals to cook for any occasion, round up all the ingredients you need in a simple and informative shopping list, and buy all your groceries, from the ingredients you need to seltzer water, with as little hassle and in as little time as possible. 

What are we doing differently from a meal kit, you ask? Well...

1. Recipes From Across the Web

We work with some amazing and creative recipe sites and blogs to offer you a very wide variety of recipes choices. Whether you're in the mood for homemade mac and cheese or chili glazed lamb, use Chicory to discover thousands of recipes from top food blogs and get all the ingredients delivered. 

2. The Brands Your Trust

Chicory's shopping list automatically links products to the ingredients you need to get cooking so, without even thinking, you already have the perfect shopping list just by selecting a recipe you want to cook. But we don't force you to buy a particular brand. 

You should be able to choose what's going into your meals. Not just a recipe. With Chicory, you can select the brands you already buy and trust, just like you would in the grocery store.

3. All Your Groceries in One Place

No more running out to the store for milk after you've already ordered food online. Get all your supermarket staples, from paper towels to seltzer water, delivered when you pick out what you're making for the week. 

Start creating more healthy, homemade meals with just a few clicks