Chicory Presents: A Better Shopping List for Grocery Shopping

Making shopping lists is frustrating. 

You spend 10 minutes determining what to make and what you need to buy in order to make it, another 5 minutes consolidating your shopping list so you don't get 5 dozen eggs and thinking of the right quantities to get (especially if you're planning out for a week or making a number of dishes for a big meal), and another 40 minutes at the store hunting around the aisles for all your ingredients, worrying about the sizes of everything and if you're buying enough and, of course, trying to get the right products at the best prices. 

Perhaps this is why most of us end up making the same dishes over and over again. It's hard enough to plan and shop when we know what ingredients we need, never mind going on a culinary adventure that might require buying new or strange products.

At Chicory we'd like to introduce to you the better shopping list. 

1. See the real products you need to buy in order to make the recipes you want to cook
2. Consolidate similar ingredients without having to click a button
3. Automatically find the products with the best matching sizes and quantities even if you're cooking for 20 people (try playing around by changing the servings size - it's a lot of fun to see how it understands what you need to buy even if you're cooking for a bunch of guests)
4. Have the best priced item matched first for easy shopping that's light on the wallet
5. Select any number of servings you want and still get the best products and prices (the products might even change in order to get you the best deal for the quantities you need!)
6. Get everything delivered from a local online grocer or print out the shopping list (we use the groceries carried by Stop & Shop to make the list - more stores coming soon)

Make sure you get the best products with the best prices no matter what you're making this week. 

Start discovering thousands of recipes and make the perfect shopping list this week!