Sing, Dance, Cook with Gluten Flee

For the blogger behind Gluten Flee—formerly The Food Yenta—food is a vehicle for adventure. Whether baking with her family in the kitchens of her childhood or whether it’s now, experimenting with new ingredients with her two children, Meredith is excited about the food she’s making and eating with her family.

Nothing proves Meredith’s passions for food and family quite like her first experiences in the kitchen as a mom. After having her first child, she switched careers: photographer to full time mother. But as it turned out, “there’s not much to do when your baby’s a baby,” so Meredith rediscovered a love from her own childhood: cooking.

What to do with a baby while you’re cooking? Bring the little one into the kitchen with you, of course! For Meredith, her son was around cooking long before he could talk, laughing with her as she sang and danced her kitchen into a foodie’s theater. As he got older, he stuck around, helping Meredith with food prep, meal choice, and ingredient tasting.

Meredith’s family is all about having fun with food, but when she was diagnosed as gluten-intolerant, her family’s favorite recipes were no longer an option. It was a challenge, but who said challenges weren’t fun? Every adventure is a little bit of a challenge, and like we said, Meredith is up for adventurous cooking.

From photographer to full time singing mommy to The Food Yenta to Gluten Flee, Meredith has had her share of adventures with food. As she rehashes the ingredients and flavors of her favorite, pre-Gluten Flee recipes, she admits, “We’re having so much fun!” Experimenting with new cooking techniques, remaking old recipes with new ingredients, Meredith—and her foodie family—is having a great time.

Who said dinnertime is a hassle? Meredith has made it into a family hobby, so they can eat what tastes good and what feels good, and have fun doing it! Check out her family’s adventures here: