Blogging with Donuts, Dresses, and Dirt

Motherhood, gardening, entrepreneurship, cooking, blogging—Sheri Silver does it all. Mom of three and personality behind the Donuts, Dresses and Dirt blog, Sheri has navigated her way through the blogosphere for 4 years, and her online presence has never been so popular.

So what has fueled Sheri’s success? From her landscape design business to her adventures as a mother, to her experiences in the kitchen and in her community, it looks like Sheri has one rule: be fearless! Sheri’s experience as a mom, a home cook, and an active member of the blogging community has taught her to overcome initial hesitations and to eliminate any expectations.

Starting anything is scary, whether it’s a family, a business, or a blog—or all three. And starting a new career, one you know nothing about except that it makes you happy—that’s scary too. That’s why Sheri focuses on all things positive. Fear is just another hurdle that we don’t have time for.

The key to happy bloghood, according to Sheri, is “integrating what you love to do and what you naturally spend time doing.” Sheri loves to cook, garden, and share her experiences doing both as a mom, so why not blog about it?

Donuts, Dresses and Dirt isn’t just a blog. “It’s an extension of me,” Sheri says. She loves to teach people about cooking and healthy living, so you’ll find a big educational component on her blog. “None of us have to be Martha Stewart, but we can aspire to elevate our own cooking in any small way that we can.”

Sheri aims to help her readers do just that, and she’s having fun while she’s doing it. She’s even making new friends. A section of her blog dubbed Blove focuses on her discoveries, whether they’re new vendors that she loves or new friends that she’s made. The blogger community, particularly the female/mommy blogger community is a welcoming place, she assures us.

Maybe it’s her fearless attitude or her infectious love of her career, but Sheri is making the most of her bloghood, and we can’t wait to see where Donuts, Dresses and Dirt goes next.

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