Three Cooking Mistakes We All Make

Everyone makes mistakes in the kitchen from time to time. Most of them are done when we're really hungry and don't want to wait around to properly cook a dish. While this will get the food out faster it won't be the quality that should or could have been. While each of these cooking tips is different they all have one major thing in common: take your time in the kitchen. Cook methodically and your taste buds (and the taste buds of your friends and family) will thank you.

1. Overcrowding the pan

While it's tempting to cook everything at once the proper way to cook a lot of food (or just too much food for your the pan you're using) is to cook in batches. Cooking too much food at once prevents your food from properly browning, meaning that you end up with soggy, gray food that has little flavor. Instead be patient and cook in batches to make sure that your grub cooks well.

2. Not letting the meat rest

Just imagine: you've cooked roast for over an hour in the oven. It's done so you take it out of the oven and immediately start carving it (because, hey, it's Wednesday and everyone is really hungry). It's not ruined but it's also not even close to how delicious it could have been because by cutting in too early you've let all the juices that actually flavor the dish escape. Let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes in order to let the juices settle and distribute evenly throughout the meat.

3. You don't taste while cooking

It's back to basics with this cooking mistake. You should always taste food while you cook, no matter how experienced you are in the kitchen or how many times you've made a particular dish. When it comes to spices and simple seasonings, recipes can sometimes be a little off and, of course, every piece of meat or vegetable is slightly different. Taste your food - it will make all the difference!

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