The 10 People at Your Dinner Table

A packed dinner table seems to bring out the crazy in everyone.

1. The Messy Eater

They eat like their entire face is in their mouth.

2. The Chatty Cathy

Really?!?! Wait. We don't really care.

3. The Quiet Observer

What could they possibly be thinking about?

4. The Aunt with 1000 cats

Ahh, if only every cat could dance...

5. The Judger

Chatty Cathy's worst enemy.

6. The Bickering Siblings

We know. Your BBQ is better than his. Calm down.

7. The Sleeper

Not sure if snoring is polite at the table.

8. The Teenager

You can smell the angst.

9. The mom battling her children

It's a daily struggle...

10. Batman

Every family has one.

They may be crazy, but most of them bring amazing side dishes.

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