The Best Reasons to Cook Food at Home

Put down the takeout menu and unplug your Seamless account! It's time for some good, old fashioned home cooking. 

Here are the best reasons for switching over from 1 homemade meal a month to maybe 3 or 4 a week:

Food Allergies

When cooking at home you have complete control over what goes in your food. Even if you're not making everything from scratch, you can still easily check the ingredient lists on any packages to make sure that you're making exactly what  you and your guests and family are okay with eating. A ton of recipes also exist for different food allergies, like gluten free recipes for celiacs disease, so it's almost like there are existing guidelines for any allergies you might encounter! 


Cooking at home is way less expensive than either bringing in food our going out to eat. Know why? Because you're not paying other people to cook food for you :) 

Regularly making homemade meals can save you and your family a lot of money in the long run. One servings for a regular main dish normally costs around $3 to $5. The cost of something similar at a restaurant could be be three to four times as expensive! Yikes!


Just like with food allergies, cooking at home gives your complete control over what is going into your food. Want to eat only low calorie meals? Just check out the nutrition info on what your'e trying to make. Some recipe websites like Yummly offer nutritional information for their recipes, giving you a great guide to healthy eating. 

Why shouldn't you eat at home?

Well, it takes effort. Making a shopping list, going to the grocery store, hunting for items, and then finally get cooking can be a tiring, repetitive process. 

But no fear! Chicory takes care of all the lists and groceries, letting you get straight to cooking. We delivered the ingredients to 1000s of recipes in around 24 hours. 


Start creating more healthy, homemade meals with just a few clicks