How to shop for groceries in less than 5 minutes

Cooking is a lot of fun! It's a creative outlet, helps you socialize with family and friends either around the stove our the kitchen table, and even impress anyone who tastes (or even smells) your delicious home cooking. 

But you know what's not a lot of fun and, these days, takes WAY too much time? Grocery shopping. 

First,  plan out your meal(s) and determine what to make. 
Second, write out a shopping list that includes all the ingredients you'll need and anything else. 
Third, decode all the weird measurements within recipes you're using so you actually buy enough food.
Fourth, figure out what you have in the pantry and what you need to pick up.
Fifth, drive to the grocery store. 
Sixth, search up and down the aisles.
Seventh, get stuck behind that guy with a million groceries.
Eighth, spend way too much because of all the impulse shopping you did while browsing the aisles. 
Ninth, drive home.
Tenth, get cooking.

At Chicory, we think there shouldn't be so many steps. 

First, find recipes that looks tasty.
Second, order the ingredients.
Third, get cooking.

A little easier, no? 

Shop for groceries in less than 5 minutes

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