How to cook like an Italian grandma while working 70 hours a week

Just about nothing beats some good, old fashioned home cooking - especially where you're the one in the kitchen who gets the credit. Sure, cooking is awesome and enjoyable (a way to express yourself, to relieve some stress). But it's hard. That pesky job always seems to be getting in the way of making those exciting recipes that take a couple hours to make rather than the strict '30 minute' meals.

Here are some tips that make it easy to cook like an Italian grandma while still working 70 hours a week:

1. Plan out meals

Staying organized about what you're cooking week to week and what groceries you need to buy can help you make sure that days that are a little less hectic at the office are also days when you get a chance to cook something awesome. Know that you're going to be able to get home early on Thursday? Have a recipes already picked out and the groceries already at your house so when you get home all you need to do is get cooking.

2. Cook ahead of time

While it's always a good idea to have a plan,
sometimes the week will just never allow time for a homemade meal that takes more than a few minutes to put together. That's where cooking ahead of time comes in. Want to make that slow roasted chicken dish? Those brined ribs? Make it on the weekend during some down time! This way you a) can make more exciting meals than you have time for during the week and b) have a fridge full of amazing food, letting you pick and choose each night what deliciousness you want! Throw together some quick greens or a fresh salad before sitting down to eat to round out the meal.

3. Use Chicory

Chicory takes care of the meal planning, preparation, and grocery shopping for you. With just a few clicks and a couple minutes you can pick out some delicious, healthy recipes to make throughout the week and schedule all the ingredients to get delivered to your house. It's made for busy cooks, by busy cooks.