Adding a little Chicory to your diet

Pretty much everyone has eating preferences. From not liking 'exotic' flavors or textures to not being able to eat gluten, our personal diets rule over how we choose, look at, and respond to food.

Some people love fast food. Others despise it. Same goes for quinoa, eating vegan, having a sweet tooth, and countless other eating quirks and diets.

Honey Chicken with Chicory from Jane Curran
Maybe there's no right answer. We all just eat a little differently than the person sitting next to us. And that's okay.

Even though we've been launched for only a few weeks one of our most request features has been the ability to narrow the recipes that you can search by the types of foods that you're in the mood for.

In response, we're creating a super cool, super easy to use search tool for all our recipes. With this you'll be able to 'filter' the yummy recipes that we offer based on your favorite diets, ingredients you have at home, courses, and cook time.

There are some other surprise preferences that you're going to be able to search by but we'll leave those a mystery until it's all ready and launched :)