The Master Cleanse

Call me crazy, but for the last week I didn’t eat anything… yes that’s right, I was participating in the infamous “Master Cleanse”.

The master cleanse is a very rigorous detox regimen that consists of drinking a “lemonade” drink for a week. The ingredients include:

Freshly squeezed lemon juice
Grade B maple syrup
Cayenne Pepper
…That’s it.

I was doing it to a) see if I could, and b) flush out some of the toxins I had accumulated and start post-college life anew. When you happen to run a company centered around food and recipes, not eating turns out to be a bit harder than you originally thought. But after going through it, I came out feeling refreshed and re-energized! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to jump-start his or her life.

But the best part was finally getting to eat again. The first thing I had was a salad from a local organic foods store called “The Shiner”.

Spinach/spring mix
Curried Tofu
Sesame dressing

It was like a taste explosion in my mouth. All I had been eating (well, drinking) had been a sort of sweet, sort of sour, sort of spicy concoction and having real food in my mouth, with real taste was amazing. The curried tofu was especially tasty!

All in all it was a great experience but I think I’ll stick with real food from now!