4 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes You Should Make This Week

Just add water.

That should be the slow cooker mantra.

Slow cookers might be the most amazing things that have graced modern cooking technology. There’s no real secret to them either (how do microwave or convection ovens really cook your food anyways?!), just low heat that won’t burn food. Just add water.

Without having to stand over a stove or hot oven all day you get tender food and depth of flavor.
The one thing about slow cookers is that it’s easier to make really good slow cooker food when you’re following a recipe as closely as possible. Since you’re cooking with a bunch of liquid, and cooking for a long period of time (sometime around 8 hours) without checking the heat every 15 minutes, you want to make sure that the liquid will create a sauce and not just be half gone by the time you’re ready to eat.

I have to admit, there have been several times over the past couple years that I’ve just thrown a bunch of ingredients into a slow cooker without thinking about it. The results were not very good. It tasted great but there was too much liquid! My tandoori chicken should have been called tandoori soup.
You can avoid this mistake.

Here are 4 easy slow cooker recipes that you should make this week.

- Joey (COO of Chicory)