The Future of School Lunches

Saturday Night Live's Chris Farley dances along to "Lunch Lady Land" by Adam Sandler

The traditional school lunch may soon be getting a BIG makeover. 

According to the article "How to Reinvent the School Lunch and Get Kids to Eat Better" in Wired, IDEO and the San Francisco Unified School District are working together to improve the way school lunches and the cafeteria are currently run in order to spend less, waste less, and get kids to eat more food at school while making cafeterias cool again. 

Please read the full article to learn more about what IDEO learned and how these findings may (hopefully) affect school lunches and cafeterias everywhere. 

The coolest innovation for us at Chicory would be letting students actually suggest recipes that the cafeteria should serve. Seems pretty close to getting your favorite recipes delivered.

We're not sure if all these innovations and design changes that IDEO suggested mean an end to the traditional hair nets that all our most loved lunch ladies wear but we sure hope not. 

One of the best parts about the ways that schools are thinking about changing lunch time in school is that it's not just for those that are buying food from the school. The design changes to the classic cafeteria setting will help every kid enjoy their food and their break from school better. A cafeteria is "more than just a place to eat." It's a place to socialize, catch up on work, meet up with teachers, and think about new and exciting ideas. 

Prefer the brown bag to the lunch tray? 

Here are some awesome recipes to try out for healthy school lunches made at home: