It's the weekend! What should we do for dinner?

It's the weekend! Everybody dance!

But seriously, what should we do for dinner?

Every Friday night we are faced with a similar dilemma: Go out to eat or make dinner at home? 

(Okay there's the third option of take-out but we can talk about that later)

Going out to eat certainly seems like the easier of the two options: just get in the car, choose a place to get some food, eat, pay, and come back home.

It's been a busy week.

BUT, that's exactly why you should make dinner at home instead.

A busy week certainly means that you're tried on Friday (aren't we all!) but it also means that during the week, moments with the people you care about, like sitting down to eat a homemade meal, were rare.

Friday evening is exactly the right time to change that.


Having a homemade meal, while difficult to muster after a long week of work, is actually invigorating and energizing for the weekend to come.

It starts the weekend off right by putting family and friendship and comfort at the center of your life (instead of having to worry about making a reservation or splitting the check)

Need some inspiration for your Friday dinner? Look no further.