6 Cooking Skills Everyone Should Embrace

The techniques used in a recipe shouldn't stop you from making it.

While some recipes are very easy and straightforward, some appear to be complicated because of the techniques involved. But don't let this scare you away! 

Cooking is more fun when you can step outside your boundaries a bit and make stuff that's challenging and impressive. 

Now, we're not trying to tell you that 5 years in a French culinary school is the only way to truly enjoy cooking. There are a few simple techniques that all good home cooks should know in order to make lots of new dishes (or make family favorites that much better). 

Here are our top 6 simple cooking skills that every home cook should know:

How to deglaze a pan (to make a sauce)

How to make a vinaigrette (no more store bought dressings)

How to make a roux (to thicken gravy, soup, stew, and gumbo)

How to make breaded chicken correctly (for chicken tenders too!)

How to chop and onion

How to make guacamole (the most essential of life skills)