What we're learning about Chicory

As we've mentioned before, an early version of Chicory is currently live in a few Westchester, NY locations. We're learning so much from talking with potential customers (sometimes if people don't want to use Chicory we learn even more than if they did) and finally having people use the application. Plus, people are starting to like it.

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That's right. We have repeat customers - and we couldn't be happier (it's even cooler because of how basic Chicory is right now and how much more functionality we have planned!).

Here's a couple things we've learned from our AMAZING users in Westchester, NY:

1. Chicory helps you feel like a culinary explorer

Walking into a grocery store can be daunting. There are thousands of things you've never heard of or tried before and even when you walk in with a list, if you've never purchased some of the items choosing the correct one, never mind finding it, can be a real challenge.

Chicory helps lower the barrier to becoming a culinary explorer by not only suggesting you new, creative recipes to try but also taking all the scary unknowns out of shopping for new food.

We've already matched the required ingredient to the correct product for you - no reason to worry!

Susan Palmer of
The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen
(One of our amazing food blog partners)

2. Whose recipe is it?

One of the most surprising things we've learned is that the source of the recipe, whether it's on of our food bloggers or recipe sites, really matters to Chicory customers.

Even just one bad experience, or one good experience, can determine if a user will cook another recipe from the same source.

We've also learned that our customers know the food blogosphere really well - each has her own favorites and we hope to be able to partner with all of them soon so that everyone's favorite recipes are on Chicory.