Walking the Aisles of an Online Grocery Store

At Chicory, we talk with a lot of people about shopping for groceries online: what they like, what they don't like, what scares them, and even what excites them.
Something we keep hearing over and over is that while online grocery sounds cool and convenient "I just prefer to pick out stuff myself."

It makes perfect sense. We still want to touch and sniff (and maybe even taste) our food before we buy it and put it in our body. It's a lot more personal than buying a TV or a book or a pair of shoes. We're afraid of getting produce that's old or meat that's bad.

The current way people shop for groceries online attempts to mimic rather than transcend the modern, brick and mortar grocery store. Stores like Fresh Direct and Peapod have aisles where users can browse what's available almost like they had a real shopping cart in front of them.

Chicory throws the rulebook for the 'modern grocery store' out the window. We don't organize products like you're shopping in the store. We believe that shopping for groceries online is a different act all together and requires a different layout.

What more enticing, the image on the left or the right?

The online grocers of today tell you to buy with the picture on the left. We offer the picture on the right.

We think it matters a lot because what you lack in sound, taste, touch, and smell when online grocery shopping you MUST (with a cherry on top) make up for in sight. And oh, what a scrumptious sight it is.

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