The 10 Worst Recipes Ever

We thought about adding these to Chicory but then remembered that we love our customers and hate indigestion.

10. Spam 'N' Limas

The Spam adds a subtle texture to the frozen package of lima beans from 1962 you found in the back of grandma's fridge. See the recipe.

9. Creamed Eggs in Corned Beef Crust

Cat food. See the recipe.

8. Vegetable Hi-Hat

Elegant Cat food. I hope those eggs are peeled. See the recipe.

7. Ham and Banana Hollandaise 

I always knew that bananas were an egg substitute! See the recipe.

6. Prune Whip

Children love it. The constipated need it. See the recipe.

5. Salad Cubes and Mayo

"Let's take some salad, ruin it, and dip it in mayo. Sound good?" No recipe.

4. Vegetable Loaf

For those who only like fresh vegetables smothered in jell-o. See the recipe.

3. Jell-O with Shrimp Frosting

The longer it sits out, the better it gets. See the recipe.

2. Jellied Bouillon with Frankfurters

For when the world finally runs out of hotdog buns. See the recipe.

1. Liver Sausage Pineapple. 

That pineapple is entirely made of (not just stuffed with) liver and olives. Not ok. See the recipe.

Skip the worst. Try the best.