How to Find the Perfect Recipe Online

There are millions of recipes online.

I just tried googling 'roast chicken' and got back 33 million hits. That's all just for roast chicken!

With all that choice, picking the right way to make a dish can be a bit overwhelming. You want to make roast chicken and are looking for a good classic recipe or maybe a new twist. Either way, you don't have time to search through 33 million posts (obviously). So, what do you do?

Here are our top tips for picking that perfect recipe:

1. Get favorite food bloggers - fast! 

It's tiresome to continually play recipe roulette with your favorite web search engine. The best way to get around this is to find some go-to food bloggers that consistently make stuff you want to cook. Bloggers that not only experiment but also teach you about fundamentals (and have great simple recipes) are some of our favorites.

Bookmark or sign-up via email to get recipe alerts so that fantastic recipes from a trusted source are always just a few clicks away. Make sure to make some of their recipes first to see if they fit your cooking style. There's a big difference between looking at a recipe and actually cooking it so make sure you find bloggers whose recipes are kitchen tested in your kitchen!

2. Look at the reviews, not the ratings

Lots of big recipe sites and even some bloggers have reviews on their recipes. Now, we're not talking about a rating system or the number of Facebook shares a recipe received. Look for detailed reviews by readers who actually cooked the recipe - not just reviewers that are talking about how delicious it looks or how they might make it.

By finding these more in-depth reviews you'll start to get a great sense of what's wrong with the recipe (if anything) and how to fix it.

3. Pictures are worth a thousand words 

Amazing pictures don't mean amazing food. This is something that you'll learn quickly when finding recipes online. However, some of the best recipes include lots of photos of the steps involved. This can be extremely helpful, guiding you along with visuals to make sure that you put the recipe together correctly.

The more pictures a recipe has and the more clearly the food blogger has articulated how to put together the recipe, the easier it will ultimately be for you to make it in your own kitchen. So, make it easy on yourself and find some recipes with lots of pictures and easy instructions. Don't force yourself to guess, otherwise a new recipe might turn into something that tastes bad (although it might have been a good recipe and from an awesome food blogger)

Even with these tips, it's still incredibly difficult to choose how make something from all the amazing and varied recipes out there.

Why can't there be something that says for every recipe if people actually cooked it and if it came out good or not?

At Chicory, we don't just ask questions like this. We try to answer them.

Help make dinnertime easier for everyone!