Why is milk at the back of the grocery store?

Fifty percent of all our grocery store purchases are made subconsciously according to Nielsen.

That means that almost every time you walk into a grocery store you're going to spend about twice the amount you originally intended. And there's nothing you can do about it.

Read the full Nielsen report here.

The reason that we buy so much without intending to is the same reason that milk is at the back of pretty much every grocery store in America.

Milk is why you go to the market.  It's not only at the top of your weekly shopping list but more than that it's the thing that you'd drive 10 minutes just to buy because, let's face it, milk is delicious and we always seem to be running out.

So grocery stores put milk in the way way back of the store so that you have to walk by all the delicious snacks and treats and drinks before getting there. That's when your subconscious kicks in. It's like you're one of the dogs from UP when it's sees a squirrel, except you're yelling"coffee cake on sale!!!!"

When it's finally time to checkout you normally notice what's happened. The grocery store has wone again! But hey, at least you got some delicious coffee cake that was on sale.
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