Hole in the Wall BBQ

Sometimes you stumble upon something so simplistic, yet so amazing that an experience becomes sublime. These types of experiences are usually found in the least expecting, least intimidating places. In Texas, between Dallas and Houston, it happens to be the Trading Post bbq of Azle. 

Take your first step into this bbq quick stop combo and the bags of lays, walls of gum, and containers of chew will easily suprise you. It looks more like a gas station stop on a 500 mile freeway than a 5 star bbq place. But pay no attention to the decor (or do, it's all part of the charm) and enjoy the food. The brisket was some of the best I've ever had, the beans were moist and cooked with lots of pork fat, and the sweet tea was free. 

The southern hospitality immediately surprised some friends and I. After ordering I pulled out my wallet, but the lady at the teller refused to take my money. "You pay when you're all finished up here" she smiled. She even remembered my name after I ordered; asking me personally a number of times if I needed anything. What grace and chivalry!

The food, the hospitality, the place itself; I have to say, the Trading Post was one of those surprisingly unique eating experiences that you'll never forget. Remember, just because a place looks funky from the outside doesn't mean that the food is bad. In fact, for some cuisines like bbq, the opposite is normally true. It’s an easy rule: don’t judge a book by its cover.

To make food like they make at Trading Post BBQ you don’t need fancy equipment or an 80-year-old grandma cooking everything. All you need is patience, determination, and the right recipe. With the RIR app, find that perfect bbq recipe (heck, even send Trading Post or your favorite bbq joint an email asking for their recipe) and order all the ingredients online. Stop worrying about the “secret ingredient,” and get right down to cooking with RIR.

Joey Petracca