What is eGrocery?

The big question on people’s mind is what in the world is eGrocery? For those of you who have heard of it, I’m not surprised. eGrocery is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. More and more of the retail world is shifting to the online platform. The Brick and Mortar grocery stores were able to resist this trend for a while because…well who doesn’t need to eat?! But a simple google search for online groceries will reveal hundreds of stores that are promoting an either in-store pick up model, or a delivery model for groceries. Grocery shopping is becoming easier for busy people.  

So how does it work now? Well, you go onto your local grocery store’s website. See if they have any option for “delivery” or “pick-up”. If one of these two options is viable, then you’re in luck! You can search for groceries and add them to your cart. Just choose a date and time to have your groceries delivered to your house, or go pick it up at their designated location. 

The eGrocery industry is booming. People are getting more comfortable with buying goods on the internet and groceries are not an exception. In fact, 90% of people that go grocery shopping use the internet before they go. 

What we’re doing is solving the last mile problem for those people that love to cook but can’t find time to go shopping, for those people that surf recipe websites and daydream about eating those delicious meals but can’t fit it into their schedules. Go to those same recipe websites and simply use our plug in and order the entire list of ingredients so you don’t have to waste time in those long lines at the grocery store. 

We’re helping people like you make more time to do the things you love most. 

Warm regards,


CEO and co-founder Recipe into Reality 

*Graph courtesy of the Harman group (2012)*Why? Well to look up what recipes to make of course!